WITNESS’ “Profiling the Police” Project Wins Shorty Award

WITNESS is honored to announce that our “Profiling the Police” project won a 2019 Shorty Awards Audience Honor and was a Finalist in the Social activism category. Our team was in attendance at the Shorty Awards show; check out a fun video below.

This project, launched in 2018, covers the work of WITNESS and El Grito de Sunset Park — a community organization in Sunset Park, Brooklyn — to find new ways to use eyewitness video and open source data to expose abuses by some NYPD and begin to illustrate how police abuse is part of a larger systemic problem. The project serves as a case study for advocates, journalists, legal experts and technologists interested in exploring new forms of storytelling through the analysis and curation of human rights videos.

You can learn more about our “Profiling the Police” project here. Watch the project’s promotional video below.

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