Gael García Bernal

An actor nearly all his life, Gael García Bernal began performing in stage productions with his parents in Mexico, and made his major feature film debut in Alejandro Gonzalez´s Amores Perros, which was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 2000. He has gone on to star in more than 17 movies and has continued to perform in plays in Mexico, England and beyond.

García Bernal made his directorial debut with Deficit, a low-budget feature film shot in Mexico and has directed several short films since then, including The Invisibles for Amnesty International. He has also produced films, including Michael Rowe’s The Well, El Ardor and the documentary Who is Dayani Cristal?
In 2005 he founded the film production company Canana with Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz. They have produced many films including the critically acclaimed Sin Nombre. Together, they also run the Ambulante documentary film festival that travels extensively around Mexico and is branching out to other Latin American countries. García Bernal is a committed supporter of human rights causes and has long supported WITNESS including as a co-host for our 2006 Focus For Change Benefit.

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